Linux Training Workshop for Teachers in Chinsapo, Dowa, Mchinji, Nsaru & Robert Blake

Sept. 26, 2012
Benjamin Balder Bach

As part of the first model project, National Initiative For Civic Education (NICE) in Malawi conducted teacher workshops on Ubuntu Linux and OpenOffice at five computer centres together with Bennett Kankuzi, lecturer at University of Malawi (The Polytechnic).

It is FAIR's concept that all computer donations should come - not alone but - with the knowledge transfer required for actual development, ie. teacher and technician training. However this should also be performed with local expertise. Therefore, we are very happy to have met with Bennett Kankuzi, an eager Malawian open source activist, blogger and wonderfully skilled lecturer. Through this partnership, we have managed to conduct the training, and drawing very near to a conclusion on our model project, which will be finally evaluated late 2012.

Each 2-day workshop aimed at giving a general introduction to Linux, open source, general use of computers, and practical use of the suite (now LibreOffice). Teachers from all kinds of subjects were invited to participate, as ICT skills hold great potential to all teachers, both as an information seeking tool and as a practical tool.

NICE and FAIR would like to thank both Bennett Kankuzi, and Gray Kalindekafe - NICE's Regional CEO in the Mid-Region of Malawi - who organized and participated in all the workshops.

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