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Oct. 31, 2014 by Bjarne Nielsen

First shipment dispatched

Fair is extending the list of projects, and yesterday the first container bound for the Dongoro region in Ethiopia left our storage in Oslo. The project is a cooperation between Fair Norway and AGA Foundation. Israel Shuruamu, co-founder of AGA, and from the Dongoro region himself, attended the loading of the container. "This is a dream coming true for me," he says. "It is the moment I've been working for for several years. This is it, it is finally happening!"

Coincidentally, Operasjon Dagsverk (a day when many Norwegian pupils and students spend one day working to earn money for development projects) also has projects in Ethiopia this year, and 15 pupils spent the day packaging computers, screens and other equipment at Fair's storage in Oslo.

Updates about the project will follow.

The container left the grounds at 15.00, filled with 433 computers, 325 screens and keyboards, mice, cables, switches and other periferals. The equipment is all tested and harddrives erased, and ready for reuse. The equipment comes from the following companies and organizations: Akershus Energi, Aleris, Allkopi, Amedia, Amnesty International, Arbeiderpartiet, Cowi, Eika, Farstad Shipping, Flytoget, Heidenreich, Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus, Høgskolen i Buskerud og Vestfold, Intility, Kirkepartner IKT, KLP, Lindorff, Mentometer, Nets, Norsk Energi, Norwegian, Odfjell, Opak, Oslo Havn, Oslo Kunsthøgskole, Protector Forsikring, RedpillLinpro, Ruter, Sector Alarm, Swedbank, Sørmarka, Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet, Utlendingsnemnda, Vard og Wikborg Rein. The project funding comes from all our partners and members - thanks to all of you!

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