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In Scandinavia, hundreds of thousands computers are being discarded each year. Computers are thrown away because they are not fast enough, or do not have enough disk space etc. We exchange them for new computers, because we would rather have a computer that is faster, more modern, and has up to date features and functions - rarely because the old computer is broken! In developing countries, institutions such as schools, universities and hospitals, have a great need for IT in order to join the global information community, and enjoy its many benefits. Information technologies are an important prerequisite for the development and sustainability of democracy, education and health-care.

What is the digital divide?

Through IT and the Internet new ways of telling stories, exchanging information, and accessing opportunities has become a natural part of our everyday life. But what about those that are not connected to the Internet or do not speak English or other major languages? These people are denied access to the information and opportunities that could give them a chance at a better life Young people in developing countries face a number of obstacles, not all of which can be overcome through IT. But being connected to the global information community is a vital first step.


FAIR is working to bridge the digital divide between countries that are technically more developed and those that are technically disadvantaged. Schools in recipient countries are provided with integrated and effective computer solutions for use in IT classes - based on open source software and reused hardware, which otherwise would have been discarded and destroyed during recycling.

Humanitarian and environmental effort.

FAIR is the only Scandinavian organisation that certifies that equipment will be reused in developing countries before it breaks down. The certification can be granted to public institutions, private companies, and organisations, etc.

Beyond the immediate humanitarian gains from the reuse of IT hardware, FAIR's solution also gives an environmental benefit. According to the UN, each time a PC is reused, 20% less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere than when the equipment is directly recycled. This is because production of IT hardware is very energy intensive. Through the FAIR-backed scheme, we make sure that the equipment we send to developing countries does not end up in local landfills, where working conditions are poor and the process damages the environment. Instead we strive to support the development of safe and environment friendly recycling plants in Africa.


At the price of DKK 50, you can be a member of FAIR Denmark. As a member you support our work economically as well as symbolically.

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Donating equipment

You have a responsibility for your IT equipment. Make sure it has a good future.

IT equipment is produced on top of an enormous comsumption of resources. If you replace something, you should make sure it continues to be used and utilized.

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FAIR offers partnerships for regular collection of equipment at companies.
FAIR is dedicated to free and open sharing of technology and information. We use open source...
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