Crowdfunding 2017 outcomes

July 19, 2018 by Benjamin Balder Bach

In December 2017, we announced our first-ever Crowdfunding campaign. It has concluded now, and our friends from tMinds are going to do an inclusive visit and evaluation of around 22 schools! The purpose of the funding is both to enable the travel of volunteers to go as far as 300 km, but also to transport equipment and upgrades to all of these centres in the same swoop.

In the course of two months we received 36 donations amounting to DKK13,032 (processed for a minimal fee of 1.4%). Many thanks to everybody who supported us!

On our side in FAIR Denmark, we are happy that we received ~$1000 in support for our workshop in Copenhagen. We are sourcing funds from many different contributions and this is an important one. Without such funds, we wouldn't be able to operate the workshop that processes hundreds of computers each year, but can also process thousands so get your Danish company in touch with us!

All beginnings are hard. It's not like $2000 is a lot of money in the grand picture. Yet we are happy about the way they were raised and we look forward to doing it again. From this exercise, everybody involved has gained crucial insights. We have felt that there is a strong community that supports us to continue along our unique path.

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