Copenhagen & Aarhus short movies: Dreams of African youth

July 25, 2018
Benjamin Balder Bach

Through a series of short films, the lives and dreams of young people in three African countries are portrayed. In between the films, Dreamtown, FAIR, and ActionAid Denmark will tell about the visions behind our respective organisations, the youth-driven organisations that we support, and how our work helps to create #SafeSpace4Youth.

The event is our contribution to the UN International Youth Day 2018. By 2050, Africa’s youth population is expected to reach nearly 1 billion. Therefore, we believe it is important to focus developmental cooperation on the opportunities which the young population needs in order to pursue their dreams and fulfill their potential.

Join us at the film screening at MellemRummet  (Copenhagen) or Mellem Folk (Aarhus), and learn more about how we can make a difference for youth in Africa.


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