FAIR Denmark is 10 years old!

Sept. 13, 2018
Benjamin Balder Bach

FAIR Denmark is 10 years old! In those 10 years, we have contributed with nearly 3,000 computers to Malawi, and a lot of people have been involved in doing so! We have also received funds to pay for transport, workshop rent, flights and contributions to local actors in Malawi. This has been a hard struggle, worth fighting, and we are fit for more!

Actually, a lot more! This can scale in levels of many multitudes: We have our sytem for reuse and logistics ready and tested in Denmark. Growing the mission in Denmark also means we can strengthen support in Malawi for both training and technical maintenance much more.

But we need more companies and computers, we are as ready as we ever were!

We have taken pictures, written software and grown our knowledge base. Maybe you want to get involved? You can become a volunteer both in Denmark and in Norway.

The celebration will happen, but right now, we are more interested in securing your support for the future. Please consider becoming a member today! You can get a 1-year or 2-year membership in both Denmark (100 DKK/year) and in Norway (200 NOK/year). You can create a membership here.

In addition to that: If you work in a company in Denmark or Norway and would like to learn how your company can reuse their computers with a huge social impact, please get in touch with info@fairdanmark.dk

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