Robert Blake National Boarding School

Placering Billeder
Type Secondary school
Computere installeret 40
Startet 2011
Afsluttet 2013
Skoleindskrivning / primære brugere 246
Anden adgang 7 feeder schools
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Robert Blake is a government boys secondary schools, located in the hills of Dowa. The ICT centre established at the school was part of the first pilot phase of FAIR's work in Malawi.

When the project was setup in 2011, the school supported both a democracy club and a computer club. This was hugely successful.

After the initial 2 years where NICE provided the maintenance for the school, the project hasn't been renewed. FAIR and NICE, however continue to be in touch with the school and will establish new projects in the same area or restart the project during 2016.


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