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20. Juli 2023
research denmark strategi csr Danish English

FAIR Denmark has closed up its workshop. This blog post gives more background on why why decided not to continue FAIR Denmark and what we think needs to change to make similar work succeed in the future.

Context: If you aren't familiar with our work in the past >1 decade, you should try scrolling through our photo galleries.

This blog post starts with a lot of analysis, but …

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31. Maj 2023 af Benjamin Balder Bach og Philip Douglass
denmark English Danish

We are closing up shop and will look for something else to do in the future.

It's been an amazing journey lasting over 10 years. Perhaps the best way to experience it is in our photo timeline, containing hundreds of photos and descriptions of events.

During the pandemic in 2020, we stopped having income to sustain our costs. We used up our reserves to pay rent for our workshop …

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24. Januar 2022
malawi tminds English

On January 14th, members of Mzigo Youth Foundation under Mzimba District Youth Office picked up equipment and one week later, a team from tMinds visited and conducted a setup of the new lab.

This setup is individually tailored: To assist Malo Private Secondary School with daily operations of the lab, members of Mzigo Youth Foundation will support its day-to-day operations. In addition to that, and in alignment with the general …

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11. December 2021
research academia malawi English

During the pandemic, we found new ways of collaborating. Through 39 online meetings and counting, a team from Mzuzu University’s ICT Department and Copenhagen University’s Computer Science Institute and FAIR organized an event for a new community in Malawi: Students, researchers and lecturers in the field of data science met up in a week-long training and project workshop whereby new relationships were formed. This happened not least with financial support …

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15. Marts 2021
mzuzu tminds English

When FAIR packed a shipping container in Copenhagen in November 2020, it was in order for the container itself to be turned into an ICT workshop. After 5 months in transit, the container arrived at Mzuzu University and has its new home at an empty site exactly next to the ICT Department's buildings. Here, it will firstly be for storage, and soon function as an ICT workshop with the …

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28. Oktober 2020 af Benjamin Balder Bach
offline podcast media English Danish Norwegian

We're proud to say that we have contributed to the initiative and making of the BBC World Service program People Fixing the World in the episode How to put the internet in a box.

Open Source software is one of the many reasons that people are able to access information and use computers in contexts that aren't connected to the internet. Not surprisingly, given a context where internet connectivity …

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4. Januar 2020 af Benjamin Balder Bach
zine malawi denmark English

We put the work of FAIR and partners into words, pictures and stories... and printed it in a little 60 pages A5 booklet. Therefore, please feel invited to pass by our workshop, pick up a copy and say hello.

Zine #2019 release

When: Wednesday January 15th, 17:30
Where: Our workshop, Birkedommervej 31, 3. sal

At the same time, we would like to use the opportunity to say a big thanks …

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5. November 2019 af Benjamin Balder Bach
repair denmark English

We believe in the visions from the Right to Repair movement and the criticism that it puts forward: If you cannot fix it, you do not own it, as the Self-Repair Manifesto from iFixit says.

FAIR’s key activity is refurbishment. We prepare used products for a new life. We need repair, as proper refurbishment cannot take place without the ability to introspect, dismantle, diagnose and fix products. We take out …

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12. Oktober 2019 af Benjamin Balder Bach
must malawi tminds volunteers English Danish

FAIR and Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) have established an ICT Lab in the Southern Region of Malawi, at Matapwata Secondary School. This is the first lab that is established jointly with MUST and starts a new chapter.

After 6 years of experience in the Northern Region, a team from tMinds and FAIR visited and trained with lecturers and student interns from MUST, a newly established university …

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29. Maj 2019 af Benjamin Balder Bach
malawi denmark tminds volunteers English

Danish version

FAIR provides ICT equipment for education in Malawi: We receive equipment from Danish companies and organizations. We safely wipe their data and ensure that the equipment has the quality to be transferred for a new year-long life at Malawian secondary schools. In this way, a single computer or laptop can reach hundreds of youths that would likely otherwise lack access to information technology in their education.

The equipment …

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